Dr. Rumane biography is listed by various International Publishers in their various title books. Some of the biographical books where his biography is listed are;

1 The Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.

2 The Marquis Who’s Who in The World

3 The Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Business
The inclusion in the Marquis publications is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their own field of endeavour, and thereby contributing significantly to
the betterment of contemporary society.

4 The Millennium Time Capsule Book. The book consists of biographies of about two hundred
most prominent personalities that have been honoured by International Biographical Centre (IBC) through its various international biographical reference publications, which has been buried in
a lead casket at the IBC’s headquarter ground in Cambridge, UK in 2001. There it will hopefully
rest for one hundred years to await excavated in the year 2101.
5 World Who’s Who Hall of Fame
6 2000 Outstanding Scientist of 21st Century

7 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of 21st Century
8 Living Science
9 2000 Eminent Scientists of Today
10 500 Founders of 21st Century
11 Living Legends
12 Lifetime Achievement One Hundred
13 FRONTLINERS’ book (successful Indian personalities in Kuwait)
14 Five Hundred Leaders of Influence
15 Leading Intellectuals of World
16 Great Minds of 21st Century
17 The Barons 500 Leaders for the New Century. This book contains biographies of prominent personalities such as George Bush, then the governor of Texas, USA, Bill Gate, Chairman, Microsoft, USA, among others.
18 The Global 500 Leaders for the New Century
19 500 Great Minds of Early 21st Century
20 500 Distinguished Professors & Scholars of BWW Society/IAPGS
21 REFERENCE ASIA Asia’s Who’s Who of Men & Women of Achievement
22 Asia/Pacific WHO’S WHO
23 Asian Admirable Achievers
It includes 500 Exceptional Individuals of Achievement in Commerce, Science & Technology, Medicine, and The Arts & Letters.

Encyclopedia Intelligentsia: A Compendium of Great Thinkers and Bright Minds of the Twenty First Century.


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